Homeschool PhysicsQuest 2018

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Homeschool Middle School Students - PhysicsQuest 2018

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Every year, the American Physical Society makes PhysicsQuest kits available to students....for FREE!  This year, they're available to middle school students, including homeschool students.


PhysicsQuest kits make it easy to do a unit on physics.  You can use it in your individual homeschool, in a homeschool group, or in your co-op.


What is a PhysicsQuest kit?  Kits contain materials and lesson plans that are related to a central theme that is contained within a "solve the mystery" story format.  This year, the theme is energy and motion.


The title of this year's PhysicsQuest is Spectra's Energetic Escape!  Homeschool middle school students participate in Spectra's Energetic Escape


The students at Tesla Junior High are thrilled that their favorite magazine, Fetch, has selected their school to be profiled in an upcoming issue.  There's just one twist - they are only profiling a select 16 students who will have to compete in 24 hours of challenges to win tickets to see the latest boy band!  As usual, things don't go as planned.


Your students will learn about energy and motion while they help their favorite middle school students escape the accidental catastrophe caused by Nolan R. Gibbs (N.R.G), the editor in chief of Fetch.


Learn about energy transfer in pendulums, making a potential energy powered pinwheel, energy and friction, and bouncy ball rockets!  See who makes it to the concert ... or even makes it out alive!


Register now for a FREE kit with everything you need to do these four amazing experiments.  Each kit has a comic book about Spectra, a teacher's manual with instructions for all four experiments, as well as background information and TONS OF FUN!


Please note:  The number of PhysicsQuest kits are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.


Kits will ship this spring.


If you have any questions, please email [email protected]