Homeschoolers: Preview Beagle Acres

Illustration of Camp Snoopy Beagle Acres playground at Carowinds


Homeschoolers:  Preview Beagle Scout Acres



We understand the horrible impact of the last minute changes that resulted in homeschoolers being turned away at this event.

Please see this link for an apology issued by the event organizers.






Miracle Recreation and Carowinds invites homeschoolers with children ages 5-12 to test drive the brand new Beagle Scout Acres Playground at Carowinds and participate in a photoshoot on Monday, May 21, 2018, from 8 a.m. to noon.


Beagle Scout Acres is the brand new 8,000 sq. ft. climb and play area featured in Camp Snoopy at Carowinds.  Prior to the grand opening, Carowinds is inviting homeschool families to come out and experience the playground for FREE - in exchange for participating in a photo shoot to help advertise this new feature.


Here are the details:

  • Admission is free
  • Parking is free
  • No need to RSVP
  • ONLY the playground is open - none of the rides associated with Camp Snoopy will be running and Carowinds is not open
  • Parents will be required to sign a photo release prior to entry
  • Photos will be made available for parents to download after the event, so you can share them with family if you like
  • Snacks and drinks will be provided, FREE
  • Closed-toe shoes are required - no sandals or flip flops
  • Please do not wear "branded" clothing, for example a shirt with a brand name emblazoned on it
  • Younger children are welcome to come along but will NOT be included in photos.


How to participate?  There is a gate to the left of the main Carowinds gate.  Enter there on Monday, May 21st, 2018, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. 


As of Saturday (5/19) morning, we have the following updated arrival information.  We sincerely apologize that this information was not available at the initial time the announcement was made.  We hope this is helpful!


When you get off I-77 onto Carowinds Blvd., you will pass the main entrance and head down two more lights to Choate/Best Day Blvd. There is a big blue sign for Administration, Employees and Campground. Please turn right onto that street. Park anywhere on the left and then go to the yellow Post One building and tell them you’re here to see Lisa Stryker for the photo shoot. Any questions call 513-560-8118 to speak with Megan


Don't worry if you end up at the main gate, there should be directions for where to go.  There should also be signs directing you to the playground.


Questions?   Please feel free to call Danilo Calilung at 336-880-1854.  Danilo happens to be a long-term homeschooling parent from High Point!