New Director NCDNPE 2018

Night time image of Raleigh NC where the office of the NCDNPE is located


New Director for NCDNPE


Many of our higher level government employees serve “at the pleasure” of the current administration.  Changes in administrations often times mean that directors of departments and divisions are subject to replacement.


As a result of the change in North Carolina State Administration, Ms. Diane Allen is no longer the Director of the Division of the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education.  While a search for a new Director is being made, Dr. Chena Flood, who served as a previous Director of NCDNPE, will serve as interim Director.


During her time as Director, Ms. Allen worked to improve communications and connections between the North Carolina homeschooling community and her office.  She made herself available for numerous community speaking engagements and didn’t hesitate to speak with homeschoolers by phone.  In addition to other achievements while in the position, Ms. Allen also oversaw a significant upgrade and improvement to the NCDNPE computer system homeschool database and website.   The upgrade resulted in streamlining the electronic submission of Notices of Intent.  It is now much easier to submit a Notice of Intent.  Return acknowledgment of your open homeschool is now received within several business days.


Ms. Allen states that she is very pleased that Dr. Flood has agreed to serve as Interim Director.  She also says that Dr. Flood and the NCDNPE have her full support moving forward.  Ms. Allen is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for the Department. 


As for her future, Ms. Allen says that she will continue to be engaged with and supportive of the North Carolina homeschooling community. 


Enrich is very sorry to see Ms. Allen leave the position.  It is our opinion that North Carolina homeschoolers benefitted from her service and the initiatives she began.  We wish her well in her new endeavors and welcome Dr. Flood as Interim Director.  We look forward to working with Dr. Flood.