Charlotte Christian Homeschool Network (CCHNet) on FB

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Age Range of Children: All Ages

Approximate Membership:  376

Joining Requirements:  Must already be a member of the CCHNet Yahoo Group

How to Join:

Year Founded:  2016

For More Information:  CCHNet on FB

CCHNet's FB group is an extension of the yahoo group email list, CCHNet. It provides a FB alternative to our email list.  You must be a member of the email list in order to join this FB group. 

CCHNet  is a Christian based group for homeschoolers in, or moving to, the greater Charlotte area. Anything of interest to new and existing homeschoolers in the Charlotte Metro area may be discussed.

This group is Christian based but is open to all homeschoolers regardless of creed, philosophy, political orientation, race, etc, etc. We provide a connection between Christian support groups of varying statements of faith as well as inclusive groups in order to allow individual members to pick and choose among the rich homeschooling resources available in the greater Charlotte area.