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Age Range of Children:  All Ages

Approximate Membership:   1,123

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Year Founded:  2007

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Explore and Discover is an active homeschool support email list, focused on activities and opportunities for homeschooling families in the greater Charlotte area.


Our families are seeking to explore and discover culture and community, through self-directed activities with friends. These are not structured outings, except where noted. The activities include area parks, state parks, bike days, hiking, museum outings, picnicking, and perhaps some weekend family events. Outing details will be posted each month on the calendar, with reminders to the group. There is no age restriction for participation, all family members are welcome. We are focused on fun and connecting with others, in the Charlotte region.


All members are welcome to post outings and to discuss FUN activities of interest related to family events. Be sure to check the Calendar and Database for outings and clubs, and connecting with new friends!