Home Instructors Need Team Support, Inc. (HINTS)

Geographic Area: 
Group Focus: 

Age Range of Children:  All ages

Approximate Membership:  40

Joining Requirements: 

  • Live in vicinity of South Charlotte
  • Homeschooling at least one child
  • Contribute at least one service annually
  • Dues.

How to Join:  Join HINTS

Year Founded:  1985

More Information:  HINTS

HINTS is a very active support group. We exist to support parents as they provide for the day-to-day needs of their students and homeschool.

Over the years, HINTS membership has changed and the needs of our members have changed. The availability of the Internet and easy access to information and quick communication through e-mail, e-loops and instant messaging has changed the way a support group effectively “supports” one another.  The HINTS Board is constantly evaluating members’ needs and strives to make the changes necessary to support the homeschool community we serve.

Some of our activities include field trips, a newsletter, a library, and ladies nights out.

HINTS is governed by a Board of Directors who, according to our By-Laws, must all be professing Christians. The HINTS Board believes that parents have a constitutional right and a God-given responsibility to provide the best possible education for each of their children. It is also the HINTS Board's belief that, for parents who have been called to home education, this responsibility is made easier with the support of other homeschooling parents. The existing board appoints new board members. Annually, the board delegates responsibilities and tasks among the members using the preferences indicated by the results of our membership questionnaire.

Membership is open to any homeschooling family, though most of HINTS' members are Christians.