North Side Homeschoolers - Charlotte

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Age Range of Children:

Approximate Membership: 432

Joining Requirements: Be sure FB profile shows some indication

  • of homeschooling
  • that you live in the Charlotte area
  • have children

How to Join:  North Side Homeschoolers - Charlotte

Year Founded: 2011

North Side Homeschoolers-Charlotte simply exists to bring homeschoolers together on the north side of Charlotte!

We are a non-religious, all-inclusive group. Families of any/all ethnicities, gender preferences/identifications, religious or non-religious beliefs, schooling styles, ages, political beliefs, abilities, etc are welcome with open arms. (Please let an admin know if there is another group/category you would specifically like to see listed). Please be respectful of all beliefs and lifestyles represented here. We are all doing the best we can for our children, and we all have that in common.

If you are requesting to join, please be sure your profile shows some indication of homeschooling and/or living in the Charlotte area with kids. If you prefer not to show that, please message one of the admins to declare your intentions in joining the group.