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Freedom Responsibility. Fireworks with Happy Fourth of JulyFreedom Responsibility and Home Education        


Freedom, Responsibility, and Home Education


As we celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, should we consider what responsibilities we have in return for the freedoms that we enjoy?


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Gray brick wall with green one way homeschool sign and red one way public school sign, with text 15 things to know about part-time enrollment in virtual public school, and a yellow emoji face with question mark.15 Things to Know Before Enrolling in Virtual Public School        


15 Things to Know Before Enrolling in Virtual Public School


Are you thinking about enrolling your homeschool high school student in a virtual public school program?  Here are some things you should know!

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Facebook style thumb pointing down with words privacy and data breach on either sideHomeschoolers: Stop Using Facebook?        

Homeschoolers:  Should You Stop Using Facebook?


As a homeschooler, you may find that you turn to Facebook for information and support, but you are concerned about the Facebook data breach.  We share information that will help you become more aware of the information Facebook has and how you can protect your data.


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Eleven Reasons Why Homeschoolers Are Enrolling Part Time in Public SchoolNC Homeschool Students Virtual Public School: 11 Reasons Why        


11 Reasons Why NC Homeschool Students are Enrolling Part-Time in Virtual Public School


Would you consider enrolling your homeschool high school student part-time in virtual public school?  Find out why homeschoolers are choosing this option!


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Directional street signs, green one says homeschool and points left, red one underneath it says public school and points right. Red lettering says "Can We Do Both?" Yellow round cartoon face frowning, scratching its head, with black question mark, against a gray brick wall.Homeschoolers and Dual Enrollment in Public School        


Homeschoolers:  Dual Enrollment in Public School


Homeschoolers and dual enrollment in public school?  It is a growing trend in North Carolina and nationwide.  Homeschool high school students are being offered the opportunity to enroll in virtual public school programs and take courses for free.  Are you curious?  Have you wondered if this is legal in North Carolina?

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