Pathways Homeschool Co-op

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Geographic Area: 
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Age Range of Children:  1-16

Approximate Membership:  25 families with room to accept 12-15 new families in 2017

Year Founded:  2016

Joining Requirements: Submit an application

How to Join:  Please click on the Application tab on our website.

Application for membership accepted on a space available basis

between up to one week before the start of classes. 

For More Information:  Email Laura Cripe

Website:  Pathways Homeschool Co-op

Pathways Homeschool Co-op is a Christ-centered community that provides a variety of classes to meet the needs of homeschooling families in a safe and loving environment.  We desire to strengthen home-schooling families by providing Christ-like support and encouragement for all.  We work together to achieve excellence by serving each other through our God given strengths.

Pathways Homeschool Co-op meets on Mondays for two thirteen-week sessions per year.  We are a true co-op where parents work together to lead classes, serve to help the co-op run smoothly, and assist in cleanup.  Our co-op members also enjoy field trips (elementary and teens), family and mom get togethers, and an end of year talent show.

In 2017, we have space to grow our program and have openings for 12-15 new families this year!  So long as we have available space, we will accept new members up to the week before classes begin and will consider taking 3rd grade and younger students year around.

We provide limited nursery for members up to age 3, and limited Pre-K for 3 and 4 year olds. Arrangements can be made for students in grades 9-12 to participate in the drop off program.